When Bad Things Happen

Sometimes you can do all the right things for all the right reasons and still get shat on by the powers that be or life or both.

This recently happened to a dear friend of mine. His job and his health suddenly crashed down all around him. Thankfully he found the strength to pick himself back up, dust himself off and, with the help of a good lawyer, get some justice. He tells me he’s feeling much better now.

I am amazed by this strength. Truly amazed.

I’m a pretty strong willed person but blindside me with a sucker punch to my sense of self worth and I can be well and truly brought down! Then I can pretty much count on my depression to roar into life and then I will more than likely be able to do little more than wallow in the emotional excrement that has been shat upon me.

I forget sometimes how I used to be. I was fearless and headstrong and can still be at times. But even as I’m writing this I realize that from a young age the underlying, invisible rot had already set in. Unfair!

When I think of anyone suffering from mental illness I see the brain as very much like a computer – both are made to work at peak efficiency for the user, but sometimes a wire or two gets crossed and you get something that just doesn’t work like it should.

You get a computer like that and you can just swap it out for one that works. Hmmm…

I’ve spent the last few days in bed with a sore stomach (I have a delicate tummy), feeling really tired, but hearing about what happened to my friend has got my blood up! I hate when bad things happen to good people.

I have the kind of mental set up where I tend to focus solely on the negative but whenever I look up from writing I see this amazing sunny, mild day going on just outside my window and then I remember my friend did get justice in the end and he is feeling better. Wonderful what  an effect sunshine and warmth can have on the brain. That’s some good brain rewiring right there!

Pity the poor, perfectly wired computer that cannot feel the warmth of the sun.

Thankfully my friend is still around to also enjoy such lovely days. Even more so now that he doesn’t have to work every day. Silver linings, silver linings.

I worked with my friend years ago and it was a really great time in my life, before everything got so dark. We had a lot of fun and he was good at his job. He’s also a kind, decent person. Why do bad things happen to people like this? Why do bad things happen to anyone? Mostly, I think, it’s just life. We live in a society that unfortunately values the bottom line more than it values individuals. We also live on a planet that has extraordinary forces of nature that no matter how hard we try we can’t control. It’s just life. I suppose the best that we can hope for is to find something we can hold on to, whether it be another person, a belief, or a good strong tree, to help us through the rough patches.

My friend has a good, strong family. Cheers to you my friend! Enjoy your freedom!


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