From A Dream Darkly

The sun is shining and it warms me as I walk up to a beautiful house that seems to be being redecorated.

As I get closer I realize it my dream home, although I don’t remember ever having seen it before.

It sits sheltered by a trees on a lovely street and as I am greeted by the 


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Kathryne Miller

I am a single mom living with Bipolar 2/hypomania. I don't get the extreme manic bouts if Bipolar 1 but I do get the crushing depression. Lots of that. My disease has affected my life since I was a child. I had my first major breakdown on the air at a Toronto radio station many years ago and I still suffer the effects of that event today. My hope for this blog is that it will shine a little light on a disease that has left too many people lost in the dark for too long - some willing to die rather than talk about what is happening inside their heads. I want to share my story of living with Bipolar 2 in order to promote understanding and dialogue.

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