Starry, Starry Night

My daughter and I have spent a couple of hours each night for the past two nights watching the Perseid Meteor shower and, oh my, what a wonderful thing it is to do this.

We live in an area with no street lights and not too many houses. Lots of tall trees and wide open sky and up there is this miracle of millions of tiny diamond drops and shooting through it all are these little bursts of arching light – what an amazing thing to witness.

As I lay there on the first night, looking up into all that I thought, we were all, at one time,  up there in some form or other, whipping through space on our own little piece of rock until we slammed into some other rocks and eventually settled down and settled in on our beautiful blue planet where all our disparate parts merged and melded and eventually started to grow into all the weird and wonderful life forms we now have.

To be part of such an awesome thing as this star filled universe – it reminds me that I am not just the product of a man and a woman here on Earth, I am a child of that great diamond sky. My home isn’t limited to this little planet. We are all residents of this universe – this vast, amazing, infinitely curious place. And one day I expect we’re going to meet a few of our neighbours and won’t that be exciting?

My depression feels as distant to me tonight as those arching lights, flashing above me. How wonderful.


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