OK, is my face red?

So I put out a very strong post yesterday on how I didn’t want to wait another two weeks to see my psychiatrist. How it’s my right to step in and say I need to see you sooner because I’m having a few problems. And I encouraged anyone with mental health issues to do the same! Right!?

Weellll, turns out this crazy old brain of mine had my dates all mixed up (like that never happens) and I do, in fact have an appointment this coming Friday with my psychiatrist.

Yep, there it is.

I just have to laugh, which I did after I checked my calendar. Note to self, always check the calendar first, before making bold, calendar related statements!

I blush.

Sooooo, I’ll let you know how it goes Friday when I (hopefully) get my new mood stabilizer! Been needing one of those lately I tell you.

Oh, and I still say we all have the right to question the health establishment, just make sure you’ve got your dates right.

I giggle uncomfortably.




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