I am a single mom and have lived with depression since I was a child. I decided to start this blog to try and shed some light on this very dark disease.

Too many people are suffering in silence because they’re too afraid to admit they may have a mental illness and it’s killing them, literally.

My first  major breakdown was live, on the air at a Toronto radio station where I’d been hired as a news anchor and reporter but the devastating, cruel darkness of the disease affected me long before then. Imagine an 11 year old child, crying in the dark,  unable to get to sleep at night because she suddenly understands that no one lives forever and that knowledge leaves her wishing desperately that she’d never been born.

There’s so much to say. I hope you read with an open mind and if you are suffering with this disease, I hope you find something that will help you, even if it’s just the knowledge that you are not alone.


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